As The Rats Leave The Sinking Plandemic Ship

Amazing how we can go from 24/7 coverage of and fear porn never ending of the so called “pandemic” To “well its all over now folks we can go back home nothing to see here”. All this after a global loss of small business that is unequaled in world history. The transfer of global wealth, save a few areas, is almost complete. The bankers have had their fun plundering and stealing all that remains of the so called “middle class”. Inflation that is created through the enforcement and carrying out of the policies that created that transfer of wealth from the “middle class” to the elite. The elite are THE banksters and their henchmen being aided by all the dumbed down useful idiots. billi

History is filled with billionaire psychopaths exerting their will through their riches and enforcing control through a series of bought and paid for politicians, judges, district attorneys. Big pharma and big tech, in many cases, controlled by the same few out of touch billionaires, some of whom inherited their wealth, are more than happy to “burn it to the ground and rule over the ashes”.

Useful idiot deluxe Anthony Fauci, Gov bureaucrat long time crook (parasite living off the taxpayers) and inside man for the banksters/globalists total rat that has been bought and paid for (compromised) for years, is now back tracking and doing his best to distance himself from his own words on the one hand and doubling down on others like all good globalists who think they are untouchables do. He is well practiced at lying and double speak he has 50 years practice. His career is filled with instances that would raise the eyebrow of any thinking individual. His “work” with the “aids crisis” is a great example of his involvement always being motivated by profit. After all if the tribe profits he Tony profits. That is how it works.

We can only look for the day that ole Tony is walked from his home accompinied by his equally evil and corrupt wife in handcuffs on their way to serve life sentences for their crimes against humanity. There is always hope and we are always working towards that end. We shall be watching Tony and what his destiny holds going forward with the goal to see him behind bars after being tried in a court governed by the people.

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