“It seems as if the entire entertainment industry was an agent for the government!”

Judicial Watch is always on the move. Digging to uncover wrong doing and malfeasance in gov.

BOY did they turn out a humdinger this time. Most of us that have been following along realize that Joe Biden and his merry crime family and hoard of communist sycophants that buzz around him are all about gas lighting and lying about what they are doing hat has been a constant in this administration.

The degree of complicity here between the government and private business is beyond illegal and immoral it defines in the real world the term “FASCISM”. Complicity between business and government. The amount of planning the number of people involved in this plandemic is quite mind numbing.

The federal government working directly with broadcast networks, big tech companies, social media, professional sports figures, doctors, late night pundants all complicit in the big lie. Quite hard to believe if it weren’t so real and deadly.

Read the full story at Judicial Watch and thanks to those guys for doing the hard work to uncover the criminal activities being perpetrated by this administration. Please follow them and subscribe for the latest developments. > https://www.judicialwatch.org/covid-19-vaccine-campaign/?utm_campaign=corruption+chronicles&utm_term=members

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