Public Enemy #1

If there were ever in the history of America, and there have been some dramatic instances that have occured, a true “Public Enemy” of the people and of freedom and liberty it is Nancy Pelosi from California. She got her start in politics as a fund raiser playing off of her wealthy husband ostensibly or so the story goes. She is hailed publicly by the left as the queen but in private those who know her are quick to acknowledge she is the very definition of a narcissist and ego maniac.

A full out assault against her at the ballot box is in full swing whether she realizes it or not. At her age she won’t be around much longer anyway one would imagine. The cognitive mental decline is apparent to anyone and her physical condition is rapidly disintegrating I mean she required aides to help her take a knee to bow to the BLM/SOROS alter the poor soul. If she makes it through the shell biden *presidency *cough* I will be surprised. Even with the pharma super juice cranked up on high from all the big shot boot licking docotors of the 1%er cabal and bit of AI intervention sprinkled in to keep it lively … But alas the law of nature is beyond reach of even the queen of the communist left. All the really bad and botched plastic surgeries in the world can’t save her from time. Until that time let’s do all we can to shut her down within the confines of the law. She has stated “This is war” … she should be careful what she asks for.

DISCLAIMER; we here at nunquam tacet do not believe in violence in any form period. We WILL do everything within the realm of what is legal to achieve our goal and we will not back down in the righteous fight for liberty, freedom and the American Republic.

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