It’s not enough to just talk about the problems in society no matter the topic. Pointing to a problem and being the one who shrieks the “sky is falling” the loudest is not going to change that problem but will in fact make it worse. So what do we as a society do about the onslaught of the leftist/marxist group think that we are being bombarded with daily from the radical far left?

Nunquam tacet

In order to create a shift or change we (lovers of liberty & freedom and the constitutional form of government set forth in the US CONSTITUTION) must work towards identifying solutions to problems and be very specific in those solution examples. We can do that by choosing solutions that are based in logic, not emotion or religion centric ideas, but solid proven, workable plans that are actually actionable and achievable in a real way to enrich our common culture and society.

Top down change in the current political status, today is 1/19/2021, would be akin to thinking one can change the mind of a charging grizzly bear with a spoon of peanut butter. The leftist – transhumanism elements of society are now rooted into the governmental and bureaucratic cess pool. Very strong in the teachers unions and in public education. Higher education is rife with extremists from the left and they do all within their power to share those bizarre ideas and then use their equally twisted and deluded colleagues to reinforce the group think. Public works areas through out the landscape of America are laden with them all of them living in the fog of “wokeness” another transhumanist concept/distraction. Many of these people make up the true “cringe fringe” of the radical left and are truly dangerous to democracy and the United States as a true republic.

I will be examining a number of ways we as individuals can make a difference. Many of these problems seem so enormous in scope that we feel we cannot possibly make a difference. All we have to do is imagine being in a local or state office and we exist in state of never ending onslaught from the freedom seeking and independent thinking constituency. A lot of pressure can be applied to politicians of all stature. Local, State or Federal elected and or appointed officials will react when pressure becomes so great “somethings gotta give”.

Being a one person army in our fight for freedom and liberty and against the tyranny of censorship and communism has never been more possible and or easier to do than it is now! Thanks to the internet and many of the same platforms that oligarchs and technocrats are using to reinforce their transhumanist agenda. In fact it costs nothing but a bit of our time to join in a coordinated effort to create change through lawful means by administering enough pressure on those that oppose liberty and freedom. In an upcoming blog I will be breaking down some ways we can ALL be agents of change even as individuals by leveraging the power of the internet. There might even be a bit of sweet satisfaction derived from using their weaponized systems against them. Of course always working within the laws of the United States as set forth by each state, county, city.

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DISCLAIMER; we here at nunquam tacet do not believe in violence in any form period. We WILL do everything within the realm of what is legal to achieve our goal and we will not back down in the righteous fight for liberty, freedom and the American Republic.

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