1/20/2021 Is a unique day in American History. It marks the first time in the modern era an election as high profile as the presidency of the USA is outright stolen with assistance from the globalists owned big “media” companies, “big tech” firms whose leadership is full in with the humanist/technocracy authoritarian control agenda being pushed globally known as “AGENDA 21(for a great insight into agenda 21 please see this article here; )

I took Joe at his word when he said “Im going to take your guns”

I took Joe seriously when he said “Im going to raise your taxes”

I had no problem believing Joe when he stated “Im going to shut the country down”

I nodded in full belief when he announced “Im going to do away with oil and coal and natural gas.”

Why would I be so quick to believe ole Joe when he is a well known liar, plagarist, thief and his behaviour around minors is sickening to say the least? Joe is just a suit.. a really bad suit at that. He is the epitomy of the modern politician that maintains his control on power through is political position of which he maintains control of via his handlers/sponsors well wishes. They sponsor him because they have him where they want him. He realizes that if he strays any at all from what he is told to do then he wont have power and in fact he will go away, you know, like so many of them that get heady and think they will have independent thoughts. The Biden crime family is well known around the globe. Well known to use fear and intimidation tactics like a polticial mafia to enforce their criminal enterprise of selling access to the high positioned politicians they have in their syndicate of course Joe being the primary along with his primary sponsor and fellow communist tool Barry Sortoro/Barack Obama. It seems little bits are seeping out exposing bits and pieces around the edges of what he and his klan of thieves has been up to what will come of it with them operating as if their is no opposition has yet to be realized.

You won’t hear me making statements regarding “its all over” “everything is lost now” etc etc. These are the cries of the vapid and hopeless. The systems that rule the planet in effect are all dependent on MONEY to function and to maintain their hold on power. With the emergence of alt currency bitcoin and the rest its not hard to imagine the corrupt bankers are seeing the beginning of the end for their hegemony on the creation of currency as they have maintained for generations.

If the system that is in place is one that requires constant supplies of money what happens if the money supply is shut off? The source for the supply of money dries up?

We are going to take a look at some effective ways to begin to dismantle the global corporations and their megalomaniac billionaire owners. Please check back and be a part of the solution !!

DISCLAIMER; we here at nunquam tacet do not believe in violence in any form period. We WILL do everything within the realm of what is legal to achieve our goal and we will not back down in the righteous fight for liberty, freedom and the American Republic.

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