The clown show continues

The kabuki theatre starring the marxist Biden klan continues. complete with the crackhead son and totally sold out shill old lady.

The shills and useful idiots in the “media” continue to provide the wall of propaganda and the talking heads keep pretending that sleepy brandon is actually cognitive while he drools all over himself and nods off during high level world meetings.

Joe can’t form a cohesive sentence even when its written out for him on a teleprompter. His handler, the good doc Jill, is in overdrive trying to keep the appearance the old man isn’t totally brain dead even when its obvious to all but the most gullible he is. Hey Jill… just bring the diaper bag and deal with the shitty diapers and that will be quite enough from you.

Joe and his globalist puppeteers have nothing but the scamdemic to point to while they are pilfering whats left of Americas wealth through nefarious means. Untested, unproven and dangerous vaccines for a flu with a 99% chance of living now the “great plandemic” or at least thats what they want you to believe.

Lets not forget the obfuscation of numbers of those who have died and had serious effects from said vaccine. Now why would they want to hide and gas light about the number of people injured and killed by the vaccine? I thought ole uncle joe was the honest john from scranton. Did MFer ever even live in that town? Or is that yet another made up fictional joe the liar biden tall tale? Hard to separate fact from fiction with that circus act of an admin.

Cumhala the most loved VP of all time? She went missing and its not certain if she is in hiding or sought to go back and crawl under Willies desk with her comfy fashion kneed pads in place. After all she is known to suckle ole willies willy to get to the next rung on the ladder of political success.

We have a VP who solves problems by hitting her knees and doing the gobble gobble while cackling like a shot chicken and her Prez who can’t form a cohesive sentence and is constantly needing his diaper changed.

Its not for sure why ole jo jo doesnt send his suckling vp to ching ling ming and let her work her magic on him but lets hope they can work that out. After all her powers of suction have been earth shattering especially in californistan.

From a couple weeks to flatten the curve to mass unemployment, mandatory vaccines that are not tested, mass job loss and thousands of small businesses collapsed under the weight of the marxist politicos that were installed via “fortified elections”.

Looks like the right is beginning some fortification of its own and when its unleased the “piss in their pants” marxists will collapse into a pile of piss like always.

Stand by for more action in our next episode.

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