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Nunquam Tacet; NEVER SILENT seeks to fight for and protect the principles the USA were founded on. The fundamental underpinning of the Republic is the US CONSTITUTION and it is our primary protector for individual inalienable rights and freedoms and it is under direct assault from extreme elements of the left from within and without of America. We must always remember that when UNITED, we as people, are always strong, prosperous and successful in whatever we endeavor to achieve. We here at Nunquam Tacet seek to unite with all who will join us for the cause of preserving freedom and individual rights through education, lobbying, activism in community and valuable human centric volunteerism.


NO POLITICAL PARTY AFFILIATION US Political parties are now openly showing through their actions of collusion, deceit and corruption across the entire party spectrum either R or D. All are uniting behind the banner of transhumanism and globalism each one hoping through their fervent support of the great party they will be favored by the “administration” aka great leaders and receive a stipen and perhaps a bit of freedom granted only to those with the highest social scores.

In America in 2021 party means nothing except for the continuation of the game. Especially when behind the closed doors of congress when the gloves come off and the pretense of being divided along party lines, the dog and pony show for the “voters” quickly dissolves into a buzz of meetings designed to justify the next assault on individual liberty. All of the ostensible “leaders” in US politics are tainted and corrupted by the influence of Global Corporations and their sterile and non human profit motivated outcome based business and social practices. Virtually all of our leaders are now in full service to the global corporations and their interests while only acknowledging the general public and their own voting base when needed for their own purposes of continuing their own agenda and that of their sponsors on Wall St and in the big global corp. structures that seem to have an increase in the vertical monopolies they are enjoying for now. Unfortunately with leftist/marxist/transhumanist leadership is heavily represented in the majority for now so the chances of getting cooperation in any attempt to undermine the cronie capitalism and out and out corruption of most if not all federal level politicians is very slim to none.

COMMON GROUND WORKABLE SOLUTIONS Working in a logical solutions oriented way to solving any sized problem is always more positive in outcome to one that requires emotion based decision making or other skewed social factors to decide what is the best way to handle a given situation or dynamic. Nunquam Tacet is friendly to any and all who seek freedom and justice. Freedom from tyranny of any kind and justice for those that suffer from it.

RACE-RELIGION-SEX are irrelevant in the fight for freedom. All are welcome in this community. Race, Religion, Sex are the three greatest and most divisive weapons being used against our society and have proven to be a huge success throughout history for governments and empires. They are used by government and big business to create a narrative that creates and then builds upon frustration, anger and derision and only distracts attention away from what is actually going on in the constant sleight of hand tactics being performed by the politicians and their acolytes in the media.

NOW IS THE TIME TO BE A PART OF A ROOTS UP MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE by supporting you will be doing your part to preserve and protect freedom and liberty in a dangerous time as well as be kept informed of current happenings both good and bad in our merry go round government, dysfunctional and broken leaders and societal discord as it unfolds. There is never a fee to be part of a movement that fights for freedom and justice. Only your sincere want to be a part of the positive change is all that is required.


Thank you for supporting America First!

DISCLAIMER; we here at nunquam tacet do not believe in violence in any form period. We WILL do everything within the realm of what is legal to achieve our goal and we will not back down in the righteous fight for liberty, freedom and the American Republic.